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Feature and Retaining Wall Builder for the Blue Mountains

A well built retaining or feature wall can make a huge visual impact and can potentially add significant value to your Blue Mountains home.

NSW sandstone feature & retaining walls in Silverwater Sydney are ideally positioned to service Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains. Our builders have been serving the people of Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains for more than 30 years and our builders and stone masons have completed hundreds of projects throughout the region.

A new retaining or feature wall for your Blue Mountains property can be a great way of maximising the potential from a sloping block or by making the most of an under utilised piece of land. A feature garden wall can also be a great way of splitting various sections of the garden or for creating a border around garden beds, ponds, swimming pools, tennis courts etc.

Our creative builders and stone masons can create your new retaining or feature wall out of a variety of products including local sand stone, slate, rock, timber, sleepers or a variety of other materials that you may want to choose.

Our builders are also very capable of matching products to existing materials that have been used within your property. If your Blue Mountains home or existing walls have been constructed using sandstone or other local stone products then our builders and stone masons will be able to advise you on building materials that either match or contrast with the existing materials to help you get the most our of your new feature or retaining wall.

If you are considering getting a new feature or retaining wall for your Blue Mountains property then give one of our friendly builders a call on 0407 050 694. We will be happy to talk through your options with you and recommend a suitable solution.

  Our strengths

- Broad level of experience working with stone, brick & timber.

- Extensive geological knowledge of NSW and the Sydney area.

- Varied range of skills acquired in the construction industry along with waste & water management.

- 30+ years industry experience.

- Domestic, Retail & Commercial.

- Repair or replace existing walls.

- Minimise environmental impact.

- Honest & fair pricing.