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Need a concrete sleeper retaining wall for your Sydney property?

A concrete sleeper retaining wall is a structurally engineered retaining wall that is at the forefront of today's landscape architecture and construction. Easy to install, and long lasting, these sleepers are versatile enough to compliment any garden landscape in Australia. Our team have 30 + years experience in providing and installing a wide variety of feature and retaining walls to Sydney and NSW home owners, including the ever popular concrete sleeper. We take pride in building something that is structurally sound, and suits your home something that you too can be proud of.

Why a concrete sleeper?:

Cost effective

Maintenance free

Termite proof


Long lasting

Quick and easy installation

Concrete sleepers come in a variety of patterns and colours, and are manufactured out of reinforced concrete to ensure their longevity in any number of climates across Sydney or right around Australia. We only use the highest quality concrete, as we know what it takes to achieve a great end result. Given our experience, reliability, and reputation, we offer some of the most competitive rates on concrete sleeper installations across Sydney and NSW.

We cater to Sydney based home owners, and wider NSW. If you are thinking about installing a concrete sleeper retaining wall, or would like to discuss other feature and retaining wall options, give Ray a call, or leave a message on: 0407 050 694 and we'll get back to you.

  Our strengths

- Broad level of experience working with stone, brick & timber.

- Extensive geological knowledge of NSW and the Sydney area.

- Varied range of skills acquired in the construction industry along with waste & water management.

- 30+ years industry experience.

- Domestic, Retail & Commercial.

- Repair or replace existing walls.

- Minimise environmental impact.

- Honest & fair pricing.