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Retaining Wall Construction Company - Sydney

An honest and reliable Sydney based company, NSW Sandstone Feature and Retaining Walls can meet all your retaining wall construction needs. We have 30 + years in custom designing, and working to create the best retaining wall solutions for our customers. We use a variety of construction materials –specialising in sandstone, timber, brick, or bush rock – to suit every budget and style. We can promise our construction workers will work in partnership with you, to ensure every expectation is met.

When constructing a retaining wall to suit your individual needs, we consider its stability and functionality as well as its decorative purpose. We work with you to choose construction materials that suit both your design needs and the practicality of the foundation. We work efficiently and precisely to ensure correct drainage and pressure build up, and to ensure the wall placement is correct as per safety standards. Our constructions can be used as a structural support for your driveway, garden, or landscaping, or simply as a decorative piece to bring character to your home or business.

NSW Sandstone Feature and Retaining Walls endeavour to serve both customers in the Sydney region, and across regional NSW. We are conscious about the environment when constructing a feature or retaining wall for you, and can promise real, and affordable solutions. If you are looking to build a retaining wall that is both high quality and long lasting, at an affordable cost then call us on 0407 050 694.

  Our strengths

- Broad level of experience working with stone, brick & timber.

- Extensive geological knowledge of NSW and the Sydney area.

- Varied range of skills acquired in the construction industry along with waste & water management.

- 30+ years industry experience.

- Domestic, Retail & Commercial.

- Repair or replace existing walls.

- Minimise environmental impact.

- Honest & fair pricing.