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Stone or Rock Retaining and Feature Walls Sydney

Of all of the broad range of Sydney materials that you can use for your new feature or retaining walls, the use of stone or natural bush rock can look the most impressive and have a dramatic impact on the aesthetics of your landscape.

Getting a retaining or feature wall built for your Sydney property and deciding upon the right contractor to build it can be a huge decision. Not only do you have the cost to think about but also the impact the construction will have on the look of your garden and the value of your property. Get it right and you can transform your property, get it wrong and it could be a major expense and a lot of time to put it right.

Here at NSW sandstone feature and retaining walls we can build you a beautiful stone or rock wall using a variety of rock products. We have more than 30 years experience working in Sydney using both local and imported stone and rock. We take pride in our work and will provide you with a first class rock or stone wall.

Contact our Sydney office today on 0407 050 694 to discuss your next stone or rock wall project.

  Our strengths

- Broad level of experience working with stone, brick & timber.

- Extensive geological knowledge of NSW and the Sydney area.

- Varied range of skills acquired in the construction industry along with waste & water management.

- 30+ years industry experience.

- Domestic, Retail & Commercial.

- Repair or replace existing walls.

- Minimise environmental impact.

- Honest & fair pricing.