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Sydney Retaining Walls for Around Swimming Pools

When you decide to install a swimming pool on your Sydney property there is a lot more to do than simply getting the pool itself put in. You need to think about the landscaping, the fencing, the drainage and a whole host of other things.

A great way to create a beautiful flat area for your family and guests to enjoy when they are not swimming is to install a retaining wall. Here at Sydney and NSW Sandstone and Feature walls we can help you with all of your landscaping requirements when it comes to making your property look brilliant. We can assist you by building an attractive and functional wall out of a broad range of materials including concrete sleepers, sandstone blocks, boulders, railway sleepers and more. We can also asist you with creating features aound your pool and installing compliant fencing for you.

If you want to boost the value of your property why not call today on 0407 050 694 and talk to Ray about what we can do for you. You may be surprised at how affordable it is to get something amazing.

  Our strengths

- Broad level of experience working with stone, brick & timber.

- Extensive geological knowledge of NSW and the Sydney area.

- Varied range of skills acquired in the construction industry along with waste & water management.

- 30+ years industry experience.

- Domestic, Retail & Commercial.

- Repair or replace existing walls.

- Minimise environmental impact.

- Honest & fair pricing.